Order Receiving Options

Receive online orders to your business in any (or all) of the following ways...


Your orders will always be available in our Order Watcher web interface, which also alerts you when new orders arrive.

Fax Machine

Receiving orders to your Fax machine is our most popular option.


Receiving your orders to your Inbox can be configured as your primary or backup option. For instance, if we don't receive a Fax confirmation after an X number of minutes, we'll email you the order.

Mobile Alerts for Management Staff & Supervisors

Successful Delivery – “Mike’s Deli $43.21 Order #1234 (Brian Smith #4) delivered to the University Circle location.” …with #4 being the number of times Brian has placed an order at that particular location.
Delayed Delivery – “Order #1234 Brian Smith (987)654-3210 taking longer than expected to send to University Circle (123)456-7890”
Transmission Failure – “Failed to receive Order #1234. Please call University Circle (123)456-7890 to have someone look into this! Brian Smith (987)654-3210”