Order Cities© Integration

Arguably the most valuable service to our clients will soon be the integration of their ordering website into a regional City Site like OrderDetroit.com. With this service, you'll receive...

Free Advertising - Your restaurant will be featured in the City Site at no additional cost.
New Customers - Locals will discover your restaurant while browsing their regional City Site.
Categorized Listing - Your restaurant will be categorized by cuisine and location to help new customers find you.
Sub-City Site Listing – Not only will your restaurant be listed on the region's main City Site (i.e. OrderDetroit.com), it could also be listed on a Suburb Site (i.e. OrderCanton.com; OrderPlymouth.com; OrderRoyalOak.com) for a more focused marketing strategy. Imagine visiting your local town's ordering site to see who's offering the best promotions and to help you decide what to eat!
Affordable Advertising Packages – If you're a restaurant that has a special menu item or event to promote, there's no better place to do that than on your local City Site! The fact that it's focused on a single geographical region means the advertising rates are super-low!