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  • Larrys Drive Thru & Mini-Mart

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    For the ultimate convenience, Larry’s Drive Thru offer all their services and products online, utilizing ServeRight Software. Order groceries, prepared food, beer, wine or anything we sell from the convenience of your phone, tablet or computer.

    Make life simpler- order online, drive thru and pickup or have it delivered. If you would like to browse the store to see all the different items we carry, order online and pick up inside. All available products and food selections are presented once logged into the website as well. Everything can be ordered online and put directly into your car for the ultimate Convenience!!

    ServeRight software, partnering with Goldtech Point of a Sale and IP Forge Data Center Services has created a completely integrated retail solution. All orders placed online are received directly into the Goldtech System. Once logged in customers see only available products.

    Diane Ornelas,
    Owner, Larry's DriveThru

  • Aladdins Eatery

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    ServeRight Software has helped increase our efficiency in putting together orders. No missed orders or miscommunication -- the order comes in the way the customer wants it.

    Customers praise the simplicity of ServeRight's online ordering process and our online sales have increased each year!

    Laurie Chamoun,
    Franchisee, Aladdin's Eatery

  • Avalon Downtown

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    We have had ServeRight order online for approximately seven months. It has been a tremendous asset to our business. We had several concerns when considering online ordering. Timing was the biggest issue, which really wasn’t an issue. After explaining our order taking system and the time needed to complete the order. ServeRight was able to come up with a program that is very easy to use. Our customers love ordering online and have told us how user friendly the online system is to navigate. Any change I have asked for has been done very promptly with no hassles. We love the online ordering because the phone isn’t constantly ringing when you are trying to wait on customers and you have to place someone on hold. Also, there is less chance of error because the order is in writing than verbally taken. Our customers love the system and use it regularly to place there orders. We have started dorm delivery, which is great with this system. The student has to prepay for the delivery, which alleviates delivery driver from having to carry cash, another one of my concerns. ServeRight suggested making all dorm deliveries prepay. It was a very smooth transition installing and using online ordering. I have seen it continually increase as the months go on. I am very pleased with ServeRight for the online system. It was customized for our needs and does the job of serving our customers very well without any complaints. It even notifies me on my phone when an order is placed and when it is confirmed. So when I am not at the store, I can monitor the online ordering. It does it all and if you want it to do more, Mike and Joe can make that happen.

    Great program!!!!

    Anne Massullo Sabella
    Avalon Downtown

  • That's A Wrap & Pizza Café

    Visit ThatsAWrapCafe.com Today

    ServeRight Software online ordering has had a significant impact on our sales and increased check averages.

    Customers love the easy ordering process and the return use rate is excellent.

    Steven Lynch,
    Owner, That's a Wrap Café

  • Dough Boyz Pizza

    Visit DoughBoyzPizzaandSubs.com Today

    I love what online ordering brings to my business! My customers love it too.

    It's fast and easy, and there's no miscommunication.

    Highly recommended. ServeRight did it right!

    Jason Haddad,
    Owner, Dough Boyz Pizza

  • Al-Basha Subs

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    Labib Cheaito,
    Owner, Al-Basha Subs

  • Pizza Place

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    Jamil Hadous,
    Owner, Pizza Place

  • China Kitchen Express

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    Frankie Chen,
    Owner, China Kitchen Express

  • Jasmine Distributing

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    Fares Chamoun,
    Owner, Jasmine Distributing

  • JP's Pizzeria

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    JP Daniel,
    Owner, JP's Pizzeria

  • Le Ando's Cafe

    Visit LeAndosCafe.com Today

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    Lena Leon,
    Owner, Le Ando's Cafe